Precision Agriculture

GeoBlu Services UAV platforms fill a gap between manned aerial inspections and traditional fieldwork. Visible, NIR and NDVI aerial data can produce prescription maps to aid growers in determining crop stress levels, drought indicators, temperature effects, water fertilizer variation and more. GeoBlu Services UAV platforms represent a platform from which growers can determine the suitability of croplands and detect diseases and other stress-related conditions. Specific spectral data gives information in order to rapidly survey the land below. The data is immediately actionable, telling growers overall vegetative health, where and when to plant their valuable crop and irrigation and water management.

NIR of Corn Field NDVI of Corn Field
Original image where Red, Near-Infrared, and Blue are captured instead of Red, Green, and Blue like a normal photo
Processed image into NDVI

GeoBlu Services UAV platforms do Multispectral Agriculture scouting which is done with Infrared or Near Infrared imagery. Near Infrared Imagery (NIR) develops what are known as NDVI maps. NDVI stands for Normalized Difference Vegetation Index and it is a scoring system based on a formula that helps determine a crop’s health.

Benefits include:

  • Increasing crop yield

  • Maximizing the effectiveness of growing techniques

  • Reducing fertilizer use and water waste

  • Minimizing pesticide and herbicide treatment

  • Decreasing the carbon footprint

Rather than missing a lot of problem areas by conventional field walking, our platforms give a grower or crop scout an idea of where major issues in the field are located.

Cotton Field